Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catholics for Equality -- Plans to Undermine Christmas Worship

For several months, I have been receiving emails from a group called Catholics for Equality. (I won't link to them for fear of leading anyone astray; if you are curious enough, you'll search and find them for yourself.) They are a subversive group that hopes to undermine the teaching of the Church on family, marriage and sexuality -- supporting a tolerance agenda that they wish to impose on the Catholic faithful.

It has been my habit to simply hit the "Trash" button in my email and dismiss this group's continual bombardment of my "in box", but then I read a piece by Dcn. Keith Fournier at Catholic Online, and I decided that perhaps more people need to be aware of what their mission is this Christmas Season (and, in general).

Dcn. Fournier writes:
"What is deeply troubling is that members of "Catholics for Equality" also encourage open dissent right within the sanctuary during Holy Mass! They encourage Catholics to try to persuade other Catholics to dissent from Church teaching."
I would have to agree, it is "deeply troubling", but certainly not surprising. Most organizations wishing to defeat the Good News use means that are unscrupulous to attain their goal. They don't tend to hold themselves to an higher moral standard in their strategies; precisely the opposite, they embrace a relativistic view that allows for whatever means are necessary for success.

I offer just a word of advice to those who might think to engage in this tactic in the Arlington diocese -- don't be surprised if the priests aren't intimidated. We are blessed to hear the truth spoken from our pulpits frequently and with great conviction.

May all who struggle with the Truth be brought to greater understanding of Christ through the teachings of His Church.

In anticipation of the Coming of the Christ Child -- Jesus, have mercy on all of us!

Blessed Advent.


Allison said...

Don't you love how they only tolerate you if you agree with them? And some views are more equal than others -- THEIR VIEWS. Oh bother.

Kathy said...

Nicely put, Allison. Thanks for the comment!