Monday, November 8, 2010

Five New Catholic Bishops from the Anglican Church -- No Big Deal?

Five Anglican Bishops have decided to join the Roman Catholic Church. The Sky News report is brief and to the point, announcing the names of the "disaffected Anglicans" as if they were menu items in a cafeteria. In an effort to give the piece slightly more life than the empty Churches in Europe, Sky News reporter Andy Jack wrote:
The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams said he accepted the resignations of the Rt Rev Burnham and the Rt Rev Newton with "regret" but wished them well in the "next stage of their service to the Church".
As for attempting to give this piece any life, value or importance, one can detect only a vague pulse. Perhaps this attitude toward religion is precisely the reason for the Anglican Bishops' retreat; perhaps they have seen the detrimental effects to themselves and to the faithful from a hierarchy that practices moral relativism as opposed to objective truth.

While that statement may seem harsh, the treatment of the story by Sky News is more so. What an insult to the intelligence of those men, and those who follow them in faith, to disguise their dissent from a waning Anglican Church as simply trivial. Giving one's life in service to God is anything but trivial; recognizing that the path you are on is leading you further from the truth and making a course correction is certainly more than routine.

A generous offer was extended by the Pope to a Church with whom the differences used to be few. Welcome to the Church Bishops!We're blessed to have you among us!

Sky News -- report it like it matters.

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