Friday, November 19, 2010

Couple Conducts Public Opinion Poll to Decide the Life of Their Unborn Child

When my son told me that I had to read something, that it was imperative, I thought that he was exaggerating. He was not, as I was soon to find out.

He pulled up a story on Drudge Report and said, "Read this. You have to read this and vote." I couldn't imagine what would be so imperative about a poll on Drudge until I read the article. A couple has opted to let the Internet help them decide the fate of their unborn child. (Please read this story)

You did not misread the sentence above. This is a sick and twisted display of what social networking in our society is capable of; it is a disconcerting display of what becomes of man without God. The sickest part of this is that pregnant woman is "still healing emotionally from the most recent of three miscarriages, she said. They weren't sure whether she was ready for a baby." Does that make any sense? You finally are given the gift that you are hoping for, that you endured the suffering of three miscarriage to hopefully achieve, and you want others to help you decide whether to not only reject it, but kill the gift, too? (That sounds harsh, I know, but it is the reality of the situation)

I wish they had access to the 4-D imaging ultrasound machine at Tepeyac Family Center. They wouldn't need the advice of Internet strangers -- they would see their baby's fragile finger and toes, his gentle lips and eyes, his body's profile developing. I think it would be less trivial to them, unless there are psychopathic tendencies at play here, than what is now being proffered in an Internet poll.

This couple honestly wants your opinion.

Now that you know, as my son reminded me, you must vote for life.

So, take a moment in your social networking time today to vote for them to save the life of their unborn child and then offer a prayer for their healing of body, mind and soul. You have a moral obligation to preserve human life at all stages -- let them know that their child has a right to life that transcends their comfort or any Internet poll.

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