Saturday, October 9, 2010

Turning 45

The middle of a decade;
The turn of a year.
The creek of bones;
The device to help you hear.
The cane to be able,
To navigate without fear.

Is this what it mean to be 45?
Perhaps once upon a time,
But not for me this year!

The classes that I teach;
The carpools that I drive.
The walks that I take,
To make sure I will thrive.
The moments and the memories,
Cherished with family and friends.

Is this what it means to be 45?
From now until it ends!

Here's to the year ahead -- loving, learning, teaching, serving -- All for His Greater Glory!

Time to stop and smell the roses!
 Thank you, Lyle! They are beautiful!


Mary said...

Hope it was the best birthday yet!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday!

Kathy said...

Have to admit, it was one of the most pleasant birthdays ever. No big fanfare, just family together -- good food, laughter, love...And ROSES!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Kasclar said...

Happy Birthday!!