Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Salvo -- Respect Life Sunday Edition

This week's Sunday Salvo focuses on science in support of life and the well being of the family. I think researchers deserves some kudos this week!

1. BRAVO!!! The Washington Times Reports that scientist have made a major breakthrough in stem cell research. How many innocents will be spared from the indignity of use as experimental research "material"? This is such a blessing -- may it be received by researchers as such!

2. AMAZING!!! Pregnancy not a disease -- possibly a cure! According to an article in US News & World Report, women treated for breast cancer while pregnant have a higher survival rate than women who are not pregnant a study shows. Could it be that a woman's body will do just about anything -- even combat cancer more efficiently -- to preserve the life of an unborn child? This is a real boon to the family!

Pregnancy Linked to Breast Cancer Survival

3.YES!!! As if researchers had not already spent enough money concluding that breast feeding is the better choice for the health and well being of infants, a new study conducted by British researchers suggests that bottle fed babies are headed toward a life of obesity and heart disease. Not everyone can breast feed of course, but given the choice, one should choose the natural means to start a baby off on the right path to a healthy future.

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