Saturday, October 23, 2010

Haiti, Poor Haiti -- Cholera Outbreak Relief Needed

Photo Courtesy of BBC News
In January, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake that killed more than 250,000 people. The immediate efforts of nations around the world to rally support was promising, but as the months pass and the story is no longer in the headlines, the memory fades from people's minds.

Well, today's headline in from the BBC ought to jog people's memories:

Haiti confirms scores of deaths due to cholera outbreak

Haiti cannot be a forgotten nation. The suffering of the people of Haiti is extreme, and so are their needs. The UN promised to provide clean water and medications in the aftermath of the earthquake. Yet, thousands are now at risk of death because of contracting cholera. It is estimated according to the BBC article that "more than 1,500 people are infected" and "[t]ens of thousands of people are still living in crowded tent cities with poor sanitation and little access to clean drinking water." It's no surprise that cholera, a bacterial infection caused by consuming contaminated water or food that impacts the intestinal system with such severity resulting in dehydration, shock and death within hours, has taken hold.

It's time again to offer our support through prayers and generosity. I realize that the economy is tight, but remember that "God loves a cheerful giver" especially when the giving is from our own poverty. What might we be sacrificing to help provide clean water and medicine, a gourmet coffee, a cheese burger, another convenience? These poor people have little more than their faith left to carry them through.

Please, prayerfully consider giving at the following link:

CRS: Haiti --Donate Now

I just donated, will you?

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