Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vacation 2nd Leg (Part I) -- The Epcot Adventure

The first leg of our vacation flowed easily from the tides of the beach to the schedule of the trams at Shades of Green. We checked in

Lobby of Shades of Green

and before we could even drop our bags in the room, we were on our way to Epcot. Well, not really. First, Lainie had to try out her bed.

First time since this trip started that Lainie had her own bed! we're off to Epcot. Well, maybe after a torrential thunder storm.

On the tram after sprinting through a down pour to get on the platform to catch the next one to Epcot!

One of our first stops was Mexico. Actually, I'm glad we stopped there first because it was not only impressive in detail, but also had a ride that Eddie could enjoy.

The Vestermark men on the ride in Epcot Mexico

And, please explain to me why this was my kid's favorite part of the ride? Actually, I thought it was pretty funny, too.

Donald Pinata

As we continued through the nations, we stopped in France to watch a street show. It was exciting and fun, but what happened afterward was the highlight of our visit to Epcot. An Aristocat character stopped to play with Eddie.

So Sweet!

And so we end our day at Innoventions, tired, finally dry, and excited to have gotten through the park before it closed on our first day of our stay at Disney.

Kath & Lyle feeling good that our Epcot day was a success!

Next stop will be the Magic Kingdom...hold on tight! -- Literally!

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