Thursday, September 16, 2010

small successes



I had my first e-book giveaway on my blog and reviewed a new book by Karina Fabian and her father, Dcn. Steven Lumbert: Why God Matters. It's a good read.


The NEW washing machine died last night -- what's the success in that? My husband managed to get a repair appt. for TODAY!!! HUGE!!!


Mali, our Labradoodle, turned ONE (or 7 in dog years) yesterday! Happy Birthday, Mali -- and the success in that is we have managed to have a dog and not completely lose our sanity!!! :o)

No success is too small to go unnoticed! To share in others small successes, visit Faith & Family Live!


doughraisingmom said...

Happy Birthday Mali. That is a success to have a puppy not disrupt your home, congrats for that. Ouch for the washing machine, our furnace is acting up, it just turned on all by itself, very strange, repairman on the way.

Nicole said...

Great successes, and happy birthday Mali!

Mary said...

WOW on the washing machine. Is there something in the air. All we want to do is keep are families clean. There is a conspiracy somewhere. I just know it. LOL!
Have a great week!

Farmer's City Wife said...

My goodness... this is the third broken/fixed washer/dryer this week on the Small Successes posts! Sounds like a bad week for those appliances -- maybe I should eschew laundry for a while ;).

Congrats on a great week, and happy birthday to the pooch!

munchesmom said...

WOW! It seems like the theme w/ Small Successes this week is birthdays & laundry issues! Happy Birthday to Mali!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday Mali! Good luck with the washer.