Friday, September 24, 2010

Catholic Radio in the Nation's Capital -- 1160 AM

The Guadalupe Radio Network launched a new Catholic Radio Station in the Washington Metro Area back in May -- 1160 AM. It's exciting to have Catholic radio in our midst. Many years ago, several of us joined with a friend who had a vision to make Catholic radio a reality here in the DC area. We met several times a month to pray for Catholic radio and to do some research about what it would take to bring the vision to fruition.

As everyone who is faithful can attest, God's timing is perfect. It wasn't meant to be those many years ago when I was involved in the effort to bring Catholic radio to the DC area, but it is happening now. I am pleased and grateful for the ability to listen to their programing daily.

Today was the last day of WMET's fund raising push to keep the station viable. During the 11 o'clock hour, I was listening to the station on my drive to Hamilton, VA from my home in Fairfax Co. It's about a 40 min. drive.

They had one hour to match a $5000 pledge from a supporter in Chantilly, VA. What an opportunity to be able to make $10, 000 by simply raising the money equal to the pledge.

Surely there would be overwhelming interest and support.

But, sadly -- NO.

Those 40 min. in the car were very difficult. I prayed that the hosts of the program would stop begging and start praying -- praying with their audience for the Lord to send them a benefactor to donate what was needed to achieve the matching pledge amount. I asked God to send them a positive spirit to bring people forward with the desire to give; that they would discuss the attributes of Catholic radio and promote it with this in mind. Instead, they became more and more discouraged.

Who wouldn't be? -- they had tried to match this same pledge in the prior hour and had fallen short. They were not seeing the fruit of their labor, and they were sincerely trying to do the God's will. They kept saying "times are tough," and then begging their audience to dig deep and support. But, that big donor never called into the program, and their tone continued to slip into disillusionment. I prayed for them and asked the Lord to provide them with some consolation.

In the meantime, I tried to will my car to my destination just a little faster so that I could assist in the effort to make their goal. I pulled into the parking lot of the building where I was to attend a meeting -- a meeting to help raise funds for another worthy Catholic institution -- and, as soon as I put the car in park, I dialed the phone. It was 2 min. from the end of the their pledge hour.

Unfortunately, my donation wasn't nearly enough to put them over their goal. But, I knew that I had helped in some small way, and that it would be important to them in the long run.

During my meeting in Hamilton, I continued to hear the phrase "times are tough" with regard to how people are managing their charitable giving. I'm not so sure that times are as much tough as they are uncertain. People want to know that their money is going to something worthy, especially if they are giving out of their need, not their plenty.

So here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you think Catholic radio is a worthy cause?

Are you benefiting from Catholic radio?

Are you sharing the benefits of Catholic radio with others?

Are you helping your Catholic and non-Catholic friends to recognize the treatures that are available in the programing offered?

Have you made a donation to support the station yet?

If you answered YES to the first question, then you perhaps you should be answering YES to the remaining questions. It doesn't matter the size of the donation; God doesn't ask us to give from our comfort, but from our poverty. He blesses us each and every time we dig deep and assist Him in spreading His Kingdom. We are called to be sacrificial in our giving and in doing so, we will be truly blessed by God's benevolence.

Here is the link to Catholic Radio in the nation's capital. Please don't let these worker's in the vineyard be disappointed by a lack of interest. Spread the word. Share the Faith through support of Catholic Radio.

The Washington Metro Area NEEDS Catholic radio. It needs the beauty of the Faith to be available in all forms of media. And, the people who are working and pleading with you for your monetary contributions at 1160 AM need your help.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Guadalupe Radio Network. I simply wish to see the fulfillment of many years of personal prayers for Catholic radio to become a longstanding reality in our area.

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