Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation Photo Journal -- The First Leg!

The Adventure Begins On The Beach

Gracie Rides the Surf @ Wrightsville Beach, NC

Eddie leisurely lounges on the shore, drink in hand!

(Please note the distance from the dune stairs to our chairs...there was a walking bridge to cross, too. This was no easy task getting Eddie to his seat!)

Every little sister deserves the chance to do this...don't you think?

A boy and his boat -- Christian & the Battleship North Carolina

My husband is so romantic -- first Eastern Europe, now here!! LOL

We Arrive in South Carolina

Picture by the pink wall -- Take 1 -- Everybody smile!

Picture at the pink wall -- Take 2 -- will we ever get this shot?

Picture at the pink wall -- Take 3 -- Finally!

The Doors of Charleston, SC

The White Door

The Green Door

The Brown Door

The gang on the water's edge in Charleston, SC -- just beautiful!

Bell Tower of the Cathedral -- Feast of the Assumption, 8/15/10

A little dark, but the best I could get with my camera -- Right Side of the Altar

One of the many splendid stained glass windows in the Cathedral -- this one depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus

On to the Fortress -- Castillo de San Marcos

A boy and his cannon (I couldn't resist! LOL)

(We walked in 100+ temps from the Cathedral to the Fortress in our Mass attire! We were hot, drenched and ready for the waves!)

This Leg of the Adventure Ends On The Beach And In The Water

Driving the car right on the beach -- this made life very easy for Eddie!

Catching the waves together

Just getting my feet wet!

Hey, Mom -- why is this pool so small!?

The girls are enjoying the spa at the end of a very long, hot and wonderful Feast Day in St. Augustine, FL.

More to come...

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Melissa said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time.