Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacation -- Take Me Away!

Wrightsville Beach, NC -- 8/13/10

Posting will be spotty over the next week or so as we are enjoying the beach and a trip south to the World of the Mouse. Please continue to check in. I may be blogging our trip as we go. That will depend on my family and whether or not I am able to sleep at night. If I don't sleep, you'll hear more about our vacation than you want to, I'm sure!

The picture above is from the beach we were at today. I took a walk looking for beach glass while my kids were boogie boarding. Can you believe this little piece of paradise was so serene? This is a very family oriented beach, never too crowded and especially friendly to families with lots of children. As a matter of fact, back at the area where my kids were swimming there were nothing but families; very few of the partakers were teenage couples. It was really lovely, and rather modest, too. NICE!

Picture of Meg & Me before I lost one of the earrings I forgot to take off before we went to the beach! Bummer!

I'll post more later, hopefully! See you on a more regular basis when we return.




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