Saturday, August 7, 2010

Update: No Exit Strategy Goes As Planned

The doctor came this morning and cleared Eddie to be discharged. One more dose of the IV antibiotic and we were going home. That was supposed to be at noon, but as things worked out, Eddie received his meds at 10am.

"Home even sooner," I beamed at Eddie, excited that this admission had been short and sweet.

The tech entered the room and announced that we should be going home shortly so, she would be removing his IV line. And then we noticed the rash, then the hives -- allergic reaction!

So, the doctor needed to be called and the medication needed to be changed. Eddie was given some meds to quiet the reaction, and when all was said and done, we are only behind our original ETA for home by 30 min.

It certainly speaks to the skill and efficiency of our pediatric practice and the staff at the hospital. We have always been taken care of with respect and professionalism at this hospital -- as if Eddie was their only patient, which he is not!

Well, we have just recited the Angelus at noon, signed all the paperwork and are simply riding out the next half hour until we leave. I have been thinking of each of you and offered my Rosary and morning meditation (with Padre Pio) for everyone who offered prayers for us yesterday.

God bless!

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