Thursday, August 5, 2010

small successes



I managed to find the leisure in our summer...even with the basement re-do. We have spent two delightful days at the pool just relaxing and enjoying the need to do next to nothing.


I sat at the pool today and worked on cord Rosaries as I watched my kids play with 6 of their friends who came as guests to the pool with us. What a joy to have the bigger ones be responsible for the younger ones. They all had a great time, until the afternoon was cut short by thunder. Oh well, still a great day.


Furniture is moving toward the center of the basement and the walls are getting prepped for patching and sanding. Painting should start this weekend. Oh joy! I am putting the large boy and the very capable young girls in charge of the painting -- I hope no sibling paint wars erupt! :o)

No success is too small to go unnoticed! To share in others small successes, visit Faith & Family Live!


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