Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Praying My Way To The First Week of School

As summer draws to a close, one can look forward to the abrasive STAPLES commercial flaunting parents gleefully riding on shopping carts with It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year as the backdrop to school supply shopping. But, for me, back to school means new schedules, carpools, managing after school activities, bus times and after care for my son with special needs, etc. It is NOT the most wonderful time of the year. Not only is it typically a logistical nightmare, but I never truly feel that we have had enough summer together.

I know, many of you are asking yourselves, why not just homeschool? Well, I have homeschooled before and right now, that is not the best option for our family. So, I'm hunkering-down and working out the myriad of complications that thwart my being where I need to be on time and with a smile on my face.

What I find most striking though about the start of this year is this: I AM AT PEACE. A great gift was given to me over the summer to let go of the anxieties that surround my very up-in-the-air, whirlwind of a life.

The day school let out last June, I began to worry about how I would ever manage the complexities of this school year. I was finding it difficult to even address the fact that this summer would indeed come to an end and I would have to contend with all the issues. I had decided not contend with it at all; ignoring it would make it go away. Well, not really. And, in fact what I was doing by putting it on the back burner was not bringing my need before God.

Those whose steps are guided by the LORD; whose way God approves,
May stumble, but they will never fall, for the LORD holds their hand. (Ps 37:23-4)

So, during my time at Adoration at the beginning of June, I handed it over. I said to God, "I love You and I trust You. Show me the best way to resolve all these unknowns. Place all the people where they need to be, and make it clear which path I should take." Then, I let it go. I sent that prayer to heaven and didn't look back.

Not that I shouldn't be amazed each and every time He works in my life, but I was taken aback at how strikingly clear He presented several of the necessary solutions. I am still waiting for one other big issue to resolve, a caretaker for my son, Eddie, in the afternoon. Some smaller kinks also need to be worked out, but all in all, He put the plan in place and dropped it in my hands to manage.

I am truly grateful. And, I must say, because of His care and faithfulness to me, His little creature, I can honestly admit this has been indeed a more wonderful time this year than in years past. Not because my kids are going back to school, but because I have been more certain than ever before that where we are is where we were meant to be.

Pray, Hope and Don't Worry -- St. Padre Pio!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathy for this post...."Pray, Hope and Don't Worry -- St. Padre Pio" Sums it up perfectly. I also pray you find someone soon to help with Eddie. Cherie

Kathy said...

Thanks, Cherie. I am praying, hoping...actively seeking...and not worrying about the situation with Eddie. It will be fine.