Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Postcard from Disney -- Friends Together

There is nothing on this earth to be more prized
than true friendship.
(Saint Thomas Aquinas)

Friendship is a wonderful thing. And, when you're in the happiest place on earth, Disney World, it's great to be there with friends. We didn't plan it this way at all, but two of my good friends and their families happened to be at the park on the same day as we were. It was wonderful to coordinate our lunch time so that we could all get together!

Liz, Kathy & Sandy Disney 2010

What I would like to know is this: If we are such good friends ladies, why am I the only one in mouse ears?!

We rode a couple of rides together and then split up to do the rest of the park on our own. There was something wonderful and just a bit surreal about having our Northern Virginia neighbors with us in Florida! We are so grateful and just full of some really fantastic memories.


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