Sunday, August 29, 2010

California Seeks to Ban Plastic Bags & Fox News Reports

In an effort to support my own need to clean the environment -- mine, of course, being our home environment -- I was emptying and sorting through two junk drawers this morning. In the background, I could hear Fox News on the television. A reporter was offering a rather grim report regarding plastic bags and their over use claiming that only 1/3 of the number of plastic bags used are recycled. Therefore, California had passed legislation that, if signed, would ban the use of plastic bags at some retail establishments and grocery stores.

But, what I heard next made me roll on the floor laughing. Wait for it...wait for it...


Yes, that is what the Fox reporter said!

Now, I like a nice clean landfill don't you? -- one where you can take the family and have a nice afternoon walk. (read: tongue in cheek)

I just couldn't even understand that comment; it was so ridiculous. But, what I found truly disturbing afterward was the fact that some people believe that a landfill can be polluted. No one has ever claimed landfills to be livable, have they? (please produce reference if one exists) Landfills are where we deposit what would otherwise pollute our living environment.

Yes, indeed we need to be good stewards of the earth; recycling can help when the articles recycled are actually put through the recycling process. In Fairfax Co., VA according to a tour guide at the recycling center a few years ago, only a small portion of the recyclables collected are re-purposed, the rest are simply incinerated. That sounds like using an environmental agenda (and a lot of tax payers dollars) to do something seemingly noble -- that results in air pollution!

Nonetheless, I was boggled by the statement and wondered if the people of California really believe they need to keep their landfills free of pollution. Where on earth will they put it?

God bless us all!


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