Thursday, July 1, 2010

small successes



Laundry -- done and in half the time with my new super-duper capacity Calypso washer!!! Heaven, just heaven -- until I have to fold it all.


All the thank you notes have been written by the children who have just had birthdays. Two trips yesterday: one to Target for summer clothes, one to ToysRUs for a POOL!!!...almost all of the gift cards are spent. That was successful for sure!


Is almost most done with the novel my 12 yr. old has been begging me to read. But, I find myself drawn to the Soul of the Apostolate instead. Hmmm...I'm just not a fiction junkie!!!

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Mary said...

Great list my friend! New washer???I am so jealous! New pool??? Party at the V's house! LOL! Happy summer!

Kathy said...

OH MY GOSH -- My new washing machine is the BOMB!! Could I be happier? -- I don't think so!!! It's just disgusting to think that a washing machine could produce such joy!!! LOL

As for the pool -- well, we used to have a hot tub. It's a step down, but I'll take it. It gives the kids something to do right in the backyard as opposed to a mile away at the neighborhood pool. :o) (BTW -- we spend most of our summer there for swim team...I'd like to stay home on occasion!)

Farmer's City Wife said...

Soul of the Apostolate is sooo good. I need to read it again (before I, possibly, embark upon teaching high school Religion classes).

Kathy said...

FCW -- Good for you! I would love to teach HS religion. I've subbed a few times at my son's independent Catholic HS, but there are no openings for a Religion teacher on a steady basis. I teach RCIA, which is fun, but it offers less of those sincere, fresh, youth-filled questions of emerging faith. Adults analyze, kids cut to the chase and ask outright -- especially if it will get a rise out of the rest of the class. Have a blast!