Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making Rosaries -- A Precious Moment of Relaxation

We just needed a break -- a break from running around; a break from screens; a break from the activities of summer. That seems so strange to think we needed a break from summer, but we did.

This morning, I did a Youtube search: How to Make Braided Cord Rosaries. I came upon a wonderful site that offered a thorough tutorial that had us making rosaries (one decade chaplets) in no time. All I had to do was buy 1/8" braided cord and some plastic clothes line clips.

We had asked some friends join us, and we had a relaxing afternoon laughing and enjoying the goof-ups and the triumphs through the whole process. Our end products weren't perfect, but we will get better with practice, I'm sure. This was a wonderful way to share the importance of the rosary with our children and the communal nature of our rich Catholic faith. It is our hope that we can make many more chaplets and send them over to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as a source of hope and comfort.

To learn how to make a chaplet yourself, watch the video below:

Kennedy's Rosary Project


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