Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Blogger -- Meggie's Movie Review

Today, I present a guest blogger on Faith on the High Wire -- my daughter, Meggie. She loves to look for subliminal and not so subliminal social agendas in animated films. She is going to review a movie we watched a couple of weeks ago about which she made the following observation:

an Imagi Animation Studios film reviewed by Meggie

Many People believe that wars do not help bring about peace. This is not true. This is why I like the movie, Astro Boy. It is yet another movie where they do not exactly realize what they are saying, but they make a wonderful point.

The movie starts with a boy named Toby, the son of a scientist. He lives in the futuristic world where robots are used as waiters, chauffeurs, maids and almost every job no one wants to do. Toby rewires his robot to take him to his Dad's big science meeting. There, they are discussing features of the blue core and the red core. The president sees Toby and has him guarded so that he won't get hurt, but Toby escapes and hides in the display room. The president decides that he wants a robot that can fight, not keep peace. So he puts the red core in the robot. The robot goes rogue and tries to kill everyone, so the scientist brings down an emergency wall to stop it. What Toby's dad does not see is that Toby is behind the wall. Sadly, the robot kills Toby.

The scientist is so distraught that he builds a "Robot Toby" and puts the blue core, the peace core, inside him. This brings us to the scene I love so much, when Toby's friends on Earth find out that he is a robot. One character, who is their father-like figure, finds out that Toby is a robot. Because the others are human they can't believe that Toby has any real feelings, so he is taken to the Robot Coliseum. There, Toby has to battle other Robots. Though he is programmed for peace, he fights because he must defend himself. He fights back, though at first he was hesitant, because in order to restore peace he must fight.

There are many similar movies out there that have disguised meanings. Some are good and some are very bad. Usually they go unnoticed, but with my mom, I have learned to look deeper into stories and movies to find there hidden social messages. These messages can be very important, and sometimes I wonder if when making these films, the creators even realized some of what they are supporting.

Astro Boy is a fantastic movie. It was fun to watch and if you view it carefully, you may just learn a decent lesson about the need to defend yourself to restore the peace.


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