Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Decluttering -- A Means to Growth in the Spiritual Life Part III: Prayerfully Revamping Basement

Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive. (Mt 21:22) And, this is how we aim to proceed in our basement revamp. We are prayerfully asking for the grace to continue with this project for the good of the family, and for our friends when they come to visit us. Hopefully, they will see Christ in our efforts and in the final product.

There is still so much to do. Where to begin? Well, of course, we tried to start with getting new, inexpensive furniture items that would create a space suitable for kids who are no longer playing with toddler toys. That was absolutely the wrong place to start. We are no where near the point of space planning in that basement. So, I said a prayer and gently convinced my very excited catalog browsers that we needed to step back and look at finishing the prep work.

partial shot of the room before we boxed up the book shelves, dvd's and videos

This is a BIG project, at least in my estimation. The space we are working on is at least 3/4 of the footprint of our main level -- and it has been used and loved and beat on for 7 years with much abandon. With most of the trash removed (broken toys, games missing pieces, shabby dress up items) and a majority of the decent bigger toy-type items offered for free on the curb, we still have a long way to go. This part of the journey to restoration of a space is time consuming and boring. I have to keep the girls excited in the process, which the catalog did do, but out of step with a good and solid plan of attack.

So, we took a deep breath and then, a trip to the paint store. We looked at color chips and asked about primers. We priced out a couple of paint necessities and discussed the disposition of the flooring -- whether it stays or goes. (This is fodder for another blog post -- the big basement flood). We settled on a couple of grey tones with a silver/blueish hue. Hooray, new motivation to get the rest of the messy cleanup and prep work done.

Two more book shelves and the pantry area. (I didn't take a picture of the area with the wood floor. It was pretty much empty.

To our credit, all the book shelves are empty and boxed. The same goes for the videos and DVDs. What remains are the most minor things that lay around the floor with "what to do with this?" invisibly attached to them. Eventually, hopefully today, they will find a home in a box or in the trash. That will mark the start of patching walls and the beginning of a new basement space that with God's grace will be a space of minimal things and functional, casual living for family and friends to enjoy.


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