Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday Salvo


Congratulations to my niece and her husband on the birth of their first little one -- Cristiano! He was a natural birth; 6 lbs 8 oz and 19" long. Strange thing -- his 18 year old cousin, Christian, was a natural birth, 6 lbs 8 oz and 19" long. Coincidence? I doubt it!...I hope that Cristiano brings you as much joy, adventure and love as our Christian has -- Ours certainly keeps life interesting. Now, that's doing the family thing RIGHT!


AWESOME advice from Faith & Family Live! writers Tom and Caroline McDonald on the pitfalls of overscheduling the family. In their piece, Family Calendar Overload, they suggest a realistic schedule that allows for plenty of free time for imaginations and independence to grow and plenty of family time to enjoy each other over a meal or a game.


HIP HIP HOORAH to my husband who has agreed that we need both a new dishwasher and a new washing machine. Now, that is certainly deserving of a Sunday Salvo Salute -- especially from ME!


Peony Moss said...

Hip Hip Hoorah! Great news on all three counts. Our new house conveyed with a Maytag dishwasher that is the joy of my life -- so quiet, and lined with stainless steel (so no worry about tomato stains....)

Allison said...

There is nothing like a new baby in the house! I love my Kitchenaide. Also quiet with stainless steel liner. One I've never been impressed with in actual use: Bosch. Very quiet, but only cleans for people who are compulsive pre-rinsers.

Kathy said...


We looked at the Bosch and the Kitchenaide...we currently have a Kitchenaide and love it...we decided to go with that brand again. The Bosch that we looked at that was similar in features didn't have a completely stainless steel interior; the base was plastic. So...that was a non-starter. Also, I am not a compulsive pre-rinser.

I can't wait to meet the baby...I'm sure Cristiano Antonio is just gorgeous...his parents are.