Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Salvo -- Father's Day Edition


WELL DONE -- Peter Mirus at wrote a wonderful tribute to his dad this Father's Day! Here is an excerpt:
My dad has loved me constantly, even through those times when he undoubtedly wanted to knock my block off. He’s listed to my philosophies, corrected my inaccuracies, encouraged me when I felt miserable, and cautioned me when I’ve been riding too high.
Of course, Mr. Mirus knows who to credit for the many gifts he has been given -- first God, then his Dad for instilling that first love in him throughout the years. It's okay for fathers to show their sons how to love God.


-- The Arlington Diocese has three new "Fathers" -- three men were ordained to the priesthood on 12 June, praise God! The story detailing their ordination can be found in the Arlington Catholic Herald. God bless, Fr. Ed Bresnahan, Fr. Jason Weber & Fr. Mick Kelly!


-- to my husband who shows his love for his family in so many ways. We are so blessed for his devotion to God and to his family. Happy Father's Day, Lyle. You are my heart and an amazing father!

Christian, our eldest son, is the photographer -- Aug. 2009

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