Thursday, June 10, 2010

small successes # 13



I accepted a position to coordinate RCIA for my parish. I am excited to be heading a program that will provide solid catechetical training for those who wish to learn more about the Faith and desire to come into full communion. Praise God and bless my efforts to do His Holy Will.


Sometimes you just need to take a break. This is one of those weeks that demanded such a break. So, on Tuesday, I just didn't -- I didn't write, I didn't clean, I didn't get together with anyone. I just DIDN'T! And, I DID go to Adoration!


Meggie, my 12 yr old Latin scholar, was recognized at an honor awards program for receiving a bronze medal for her grade on the National Mythology Exam, and for her level 1A team placing first in a Latin Certamen competition this year. Way To Go, Megs!

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Farmer's City Wife said...

Yay for solid Catholic RCIA! So often it's headed by well-meaning but ill-catechized volunteers. So glad that another parish will have a beacon of orthodoxy :).

Sounds like a great week!

Kathy said...

Thanks FCW,

I am really excited about all of this. The Spirit is moving and I am following.



Mary said...

Yea! for #1
WooHoo for #2
Awesome job Megs for #3
Now it's time for chocolate!! Great job this week my friend. Keep on, keeping on!!

Kathy said...

Hey Mary...

I'll take the successes where I can get them. Meg really deserved the praise...and since she's my kid...I'll take that moment of success with her. One of the perks of parenthood! :o)