Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sexuality In Our Culture -- Have We Lost Our Collective Minds?

Bayer -- uses an ancient story about humility to promote contraceptives. Excuse me?

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A female physician creates an anti-rape condom for women. What?

Anti-Rape Condoms (PICTURE): Will Jagged Teeth Deter World Cup Sex Assaults? Rape-aXe Hopes So

Middle class white American men and women are oversexualized, under-performing, androgynous morons who need sexual enhancement meds. Really?

No Sex Please, We’re Middle Class

From a moral perspective, this all makes me sick. But, from a cultural perspective, it doesn't surprise me at all. We are in the grips of a culture that doesn't regard God or the sense of sin. The goal is to undermine a moral code that would protect the immortal soul from ravage.

Just take a pill, be as sexually active as you want and don't think about the consequences -- the consequences will be eliminated by using a little pill.

Okay, what about the psychological consequences that occur from being used as a tool for someone else's sexual gratification. Or, what about the consequences that arise when that little pill fails? Or, perhaps we might consider the fact that there are long term implications of hormone supplementation that need to be addressed, i.e. breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc. What about STDs? The pill won't help here.

Once you are sexually active and the culture has been sufficiently depraved by media saturation of sexual content so that you are so desensitized you hardly even notice how depraved we have become, then it's time to worry about sexual violence. Where did it come from? -- as if, poof, it suddenly appeared out of nowhere to the surprise of all; as if we had nothing to do with its ascendancy to a place of grave concern in society. So grave is the concern that doctors are inventing medieval-esque devices to protect against such assaults -- thus, the anti-rape female condom.

But, why are men acting out in such a way in a culture where they can get as much as they want, typically as often as they want, for free, even? For goodness sakes, we are teaching kids new and different ways to become sexually active and handing them protection right in our own schools. Could it be we have this problem of sexual violence because what used to be considered a mystery worth waiting for, a desire that wasn't quenched until the marriage night has become so commonplace that new and more exciting versions must be concocted? Could this be why pornography is so popular, or why we see a rise in sexual violence?

Or, could it be as the author suggests in the NY Times Op-Ed piece that we have so blurred the concepts of masculine and feminine that we need to find ways to define ourselves again. Men have become emasculated in our society and women have become overbearing brutes -- almost caricatures of the opposite sex. We have a serious case of role reversal on steroids, and it's no wonder we see a problem with gender identity, forget sexual identity in our culture.

One problem flows into the next -- it's so obvious. The loss of personal dignity attached to the use of the contraceptive pill results in the loss of human worth (abortion); results in the loss of personal identity and accepted gender roles in society; results in a confusion that leads to entropy, which can only lead to violence. It is a cultural implosion, and it will suck many unsuspecting souls into its destruction.

God help us, we need to address these problems together, not individually. The hope of the future is at stake; our children are in the crossfire. It's time to take our culture back and reinstate some moral order. It begins at home with a stable family -- father, mother and children (if so blessed). It begins with a deep and abiding devotion to the Creator and a respect for the natural and moral law. It begins with a refusal to abide by the culture, and the determination to live differently.

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Allison said...

I really worry about what our children face in terms of identifying partners for life. I thank God every day for my good, strong, God fearing husband. It is more and more difficult to raise sexually healthy children in this culture of depravity. There is a very real assault on Christianity, humanity, human dignity, family, marriage, and monogamy. We must stand firm and make sure our homes are holy, happy models of the values we cherish. Thanks for the post.