Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Salvo on Monday -- Memorial Day Edition!

Memorial Day 2010: It just seemed fitting today to honor with the Sunday Salvo those who have fallen so that our families remain safe and free. With Trinity Sunday being yesterday, I thought no one would mind Sunday Salvo being moved to this solemn day in memory of our fallen soldiers.


Bravo to Amy Geiger-Hemmer at It's Hemmer Time for writing this:

So Obama has chosen to finally be honest AND transparent. He has decided NOT to go to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. He will not be laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. And that is the right thing to do - for Obama. Were Obama to go, he would be demonstrating the utmost hypocrisy. Obama does not belong at Arlington and he knows it. So we must give him credit, even if that credit is somehow warped.

Three Cheers to Michael Terheyden at Catholic Online who writes:

This Memorial Day Catholics rightly honor our fallen brothers and sisters, but we also remember our Church, who has defended the dignity and freedom of the human person for two-thousand years.

Memorial Day: A Catholic Understanding of the Nature and Call of Freedom


Solemn Taps -- In memory of my father, Edward DiNovis, who honorably served during the Army of Occupation in the Philippines after WWII. While he did not die in service to his country, some stories that I have heard sounded like he came awfully close. I was fortunate to have my father after he served, as are my children fortunate to have their father after his 20 yrs. of service in the US Army. Many are not that fortunate and today we honor all those who have lost fathers, mothers and loved ones in the line of duty. May you rest in peace! And, thank you for your service to our great land!

Photo courtesy of my friend & AST sister, Tracy Ciabottoni

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