Thursday, May 27, 2010

small successes # 11



I have been able to be of service to others, helping them to pack and prepare to move, while still saving enough of me to be present to my family. That's a big thing for me recently with the ever increasing immune responses when I get run down.


I am excited to be getting more involved in RCIA and Adult Education at our parish. Come join me in the fall for some "Live" formation in the faith!


I'm going to count this as a success even though it hasn't happened yet: I am prepared to go away this Saturday to attend a bridal shower in the morning and return home to VA to attend a wedding Saturday evening. Gifts are purchase, outfits are determined and all I have to do is the driving, showing up and celebrating!


Lived to tell about the Girls on the Run 5K race I ran with Annie last Sunday morning...believe me, I was saying "Come Holy Spirit" the entire way! Do you think they chose Pentecost Sunday for that reason? I'm very proud of my girl and the 7,000 other runners who ran with us!

Did I mention it was raining, and we were soaked to the skin at the end?

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Mary Bennett said...

Packing is a big deal, no matter if yu have an immune response or not, so CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Found you on Faith and Family

Kathy said...

Hi, Mary!

Welcome to Faith on the High Wire. I hope you'll be a frequent reader!

I appreciate the fact that you understand that even under normal circumstance packing is not really a "small success" -- but, I counted it as one in my life this week because F&FL doesn't have a HUGE success thread!! LOL

Kathy said...

UPDATE: As of this afternoon #3 has hit a bump in the road -- one daughter down with strep -- who's next?! :o(