Sunday, May 16, 2010

Simple Work, Sainted Life -- Saint Isidore the Farmer

Feast Day 5/15

Take a moment to speak with St. Isidore the Farmer today. Why, you ask? Well, because Isidore shows us how the common man with uncommon virtue gets to heaven.

Isidore was a laborer on the de Vergas farm from his very early years. He work as if the farm were his own, taking pride in what he was to do. He lived and worked for the glory of God. He married a simple woman, who also became a saint --Maria de la Cabeza.

It is said that in before the other laborers rose to do their work on the farm, Isidore would be in Church. Sometimes, his fellow laborers complained that he was late to his duties because he remained too long in Church. Poor Isidore, how can worship and prayer be considered lingering or a trifle? When one is in love, he doesn't want to be away from the loved one. But, when one lacks love, it is a waste of time in their eyes to pray.

Isidore had this figured out, however. He lived a life of example. He did everything to increase the glory of God. He work with conviction and lived with conviction. He was noted as miraculously producing food for the poor. Isidore loved as Christ loved according to the Beatitudes and made the corporal and spiritual works of mercy a priority while always keeping the Commandments. This is why Isidore is a saint.

This is how we can become saints, too. We are not unlike Isidore the farmer. We have the opportunity to unite all that we do to the love of God; we can give God glory through our daily lives and grow in virtue as a result. The key is to remain in love, to keep God present in all that we do. Before we say a word or begin our work, we must rise early to be with Him through Whom all good things come. It is critical that before we do a thing, we ask if this is pleasing to God -- to form that habit of constant love and obedience that will become the virtue that makes us a saint like Isidore.

Today as we move through our day, let us resolve to dedicate our work and all that we are to God; uniting our work and remembering what St. Theresa of Calcutta said: "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." This is the spirit of St. Isidore. Ask him to pray for you!

Have a blessed day!

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