Friday, May 14, 2010

Faith Facts Friday

With the celebration of the Sacraments in my family last week, the desire to be present to my family in my vocation as wife and mother was heightened. It is certainly a great blessing to realize that many graces flow from accepting your vocation with love and devotion. This notion of living the vocation of wife and mother is one that, with all the distraction in the world, must be prayed for constantly to be lived well. And, we won't always bat 1000, to use a baseball metaphor, but the Lord sees all of our attempts to do His will as successes.

Today, I will take our Faith Facts from Mulieris Dignitatem, an Apostolic Letter written by Pope John Paul II -- On the Dignity and Vocation of Women. Especially in this month of Mary, all women, and especially wives and mothers, should rededicate their efforts to live their vocations according to the will of the God and through the special intercession of Our Blessed Mother, our most perfect example of woman, wife and mother.

Taken from the section entitled: Awareness of a mission (MD, 30):


While the dignity of woman witnesses to the love which she receives in order to love in return, the biblical "exemplar" of the Woman also seems to reveal the true order of love which constitutes woman's own vocation. Vocation is meant here in its fundamental, and one may say universal significance, a significance which is then actualized and expressed in women's many different "vocations" in the Church and the world.


A woman is strong because of her awareness of this entrusting, strong because of the fact that God "entrusts the human being to her", always and in every way, even in the situations of social discrimination in which she may find herself. This awareness and this fundamental vocation speak to women of the dignity which they receive from God himself, and this makes them "strong" and strengthens their vocation.

Thus the "perfect woman" (cf. Prov 31:10) becomes an irreplaceable support and source of spiritual strength for other people, who perceive the great energies of her spirit. These "perfect women" are owed much by their families, and sometimes by whole nations.


[O]ur time in particular awaits the manifestation of that "genius" which belongs to women, and which can ensure sensitivity for human beings in every circumstance: because they are human! - and because "the greatest of these is love" (cf. 1 Cor 13:13).

Women are given the extraordinary gift to bring life into the world, to nurture and to love. "Perfect women" are a great gift to their families and to the world. How we are loved by our Church -- by Our Lord -- for being women. May we always strive to be that "Perfect Woman" to all who know us!

Mary, Queen of Families -- Pray for us.

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