Thursday, April 29, 2010

small successes #9



Made it to the Basilica for a wonderful lunch with Dr. Carrie, Dean of Students @ Catholic Distance University and my online friend, Davin and his wife, Teague visiting from TX. Lovely Mass; lovely lunch!


Was able to successfully put together Steak Pizzaiola over Farfalle & Garlic Bread for my friend's family and Chicken Parmesana over Angel Hair Pasta & Garlic Bread for my own family before we had to leave for the Talent Show @ school.


Has the privilege of watching my own kids perform an Irish Dance routine -- except for Meggie who sprained her ankle this afternoon -- with Anne's kids. In a pinch, Elizabeth's daughter literally "Irish Stepped" in and took Meggie's place so the show could go on. But, don't fret for Meggie, she pulled out two pieces for the piano, tightened them up at her piano lesson this afternoon before the Talent Show and was given permission to perform. It was all very impressive! Great job girls and all the very talented children at school!!! So proud of you all!!!

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