Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Shepherd Sunday

"I am the Good Shepherd," Jesus tells us in John 10. "I know mine and mine know Me." In imitation of Christ, we all must become good shepherds. Our vocation requires that we know, love and serve God and our neighbor. Those who heed your voice will know Christ in you and follow. Especially within our families, we must keep calling out to our little sheep, guiding them through the gate. Jesus tells us, "I am the gate." And, when one is lost, He doesn't abandon him, but leaves those who know Him to graze in the field to find the one that is lost in the desert. He knows His sheep, and He will lay down His life for them -- lay down His life upon a cross, for each one of them, the lost and those that follow the Shepherd's call.

This metaphor of the Good Shepherd had been sung in Psalm 23, "The Lord is my shepherd..." offering a prefiguring of Christ in the Old Testament. Jesus knew that this metaphor would resonate with the people of Israel at the time, but would also be valuable for generations to come.

This story of the Good Shepherd is such a lovely and vivid image for our children. Most are quite familiar with cute little sheep that seem so innocent and huddle together in the safety of the flock. But, when one wanders, he calls out with sad and panicked cries for help. To our children, we parents are often the ones who come to the rescue in their material distress. We need to teach them how to run to the Good Shepherd who will help them in all their needs.

This video is so charming, I enjoyed watching it, and I think that many of you will enjoy it too, and share it with your children.

Have a blessed Good Shepherd Sunday!

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