Monday, April 12, 2010

Forcing the Pro-life Hand in Baltimore

As if the Church didn't already have enough battles to wage against the evils of sin and depravity, Julia Duin of the Washington Times on 9 April reported about yet another assault against the Church's pro-life movement in Baltimore, MD. The archdiocese of Baltimore filed suit to protect crisis pregnancy centers from having to display signage stating that they do not provide abortions or birth control measures to their clients, nor will they refer for those services. Thus, they do not perform a full range of "reproductive health" services and must disclose as much publicly and clearly in English and Spanish. (What about German, French, Tagalog, Arabic, etc.?)

While reading the Washington Times piece, this question crossed my mind: If a crisis pregnancy center, a place that wishes to save a woman and child/ren from the horror of abortion and the slavery of birth control, must disclose that they will not provide nor refer for services that will kill a baby or wound the immortal soul of the mother and father, then what must that sign really say? And, would this be such a bad sign to have on the front of your crisis pregnancy center?

I recognize that many times the client that enters into the crisis pregnancy center does so thinking that they provide abortions or with the idea that they can procure birth control. This is an obvious tactical advantage for the counselors. However, in the case where the clinic is located in the basement of the Church, such as the one at St. Brigid's in Baltimore, it's fairly obvious that you are entering into a pregnancy center that has a religious bearing. I suppose that is the exception to the norm, but clearly, that clinic doesn't need a sign.

But, what could that sign say if it is deemed legally necessary to display such verbiage? Could it possibly offer hope while stating the mandated requirements? Could it be a positive spin on a negative theme?

Let's give it a try:

Life is affirmed here and the only referrals made will appeal to a Higher Power.

Can't control yourself? We'll teach you how in a healthy and natural way!

Your baby deserves you to make clear and moral choices, we will provide you with choices that protect and preserve life.

Why must the sign read NO ABORTIONS -- NO BIRTH CONTROL?

Legal-eeze is confusing, not clear. Perhaps the sign can be written in attorney-speak? Maybe several long, drawn-out paragraphs that explain the simplicity of the issue at hand would suffice?

This makes me further wonder if the City Council of Baltimore has really ever looked at a pro-life sign? They are pretty explicit already -- you mean to tell me that the crisis pregnancy center doesn't have pro-life signage all over it? A person wouldn't realize the moment they walked in that they had not stepped into an abortion mill? That's a hard one to believe. I guess once they are inside the inner sanctum of the crisis pregnancy center, their ability to choose is all but extinguished -- they simply can't leave. Hogwash!

I think I am making my point. This is just one more juvenile tactic by Planned Parenthood to hamper efforts to bolster human freedom and dignity. They can feel their control slipping away and it has them worried. It's obvious when you look at the depths to which they will stoop to waste people's time and money. Is the pro-life movement really biting at their heels that aggressively? Good! Let's keep it up! This ridiculous legislation won't hamper God and His grace to move good and holy people to preserve the life of the unborn, or any life at any stage through peaceful and prayerful means.

If the archdiocese of Baltimore must press forward to make their point in court, so be it. The odds may seem stacked against them in the Baltimore district court if they intend to rely heavily on this argument proffered by archdiocesan spokesman Sean Cain:
The archdiocese also asserts the signs are forcing the CPCs to lie. The CPCs do provide birth control - in a fashion - it said in the lawsuit, in terms of abstinence and natural family planning (NFP), a system by which couples time their sexual intimacy according to a woman's monthly cycle. It quotes a federal Department of Health and Human Services Web site as asserting that NFP and abstinence both constitute birth control.
Now, that's a limp pro-life argument, wouldn't you say? However, the media coverage, if it gets more that Julia Duin's story in the Washington Times, may lend a helping hand to the cause for life and the rights of the unborn. We'll keep archdiocese in our prayers.

On a positive note: I believe that we can take great hope in the fact that pro-life families will eventually outnumber those who are pro-choice. I think their ideology is eventually going to just "die out" -- pun absolutely intended!

"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born." - Ronald Reagan


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