Thursday, March 11, 2010

what DO you say? -- a collaborative post

My friend, Mary, and I are collaborating on a series inspired by a "passionate" blog post she wrote the other day that sparked a great deal of conversation. Since Mary and I both have children with profound and significant special needs, respectively, she asked me to offer my perspective on the matter.

You can read what DO you say? @ Passionate Perseverance.

For our family, Eddie is and will always be a joy in our lives. Despite all his challenges, physical and cognitive, he is one of the happiest boys around. We thank God for him, as we thank God for all of our children, even those He brought home to Himself before their birth into this world.

Eddie -- Age 15

On a related note, I have been involved in advocating for children with special needs and their families, and teaching appropriate means of communication to medical students for the past 13 years in the arena of medical education for the Armed Services. I just recently left my position at the Uniformed Services University to finish my MA in Theology. That doesn't mean that I won't continue to be an active voice with regard to issues that concern children with special needs.


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