Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meditation on St. Joseph at Beyond Pearls

My friend, Darby at Beyond Pearls wrote a lovely meditation on St. Joseph. While the Solemnity of St. Joseph was on 19 March, it is never too late to ponder the treasures of our faith. Darby takes you on a journey through the mind and heart of the man, Joseph. Enjoy!

JOSEPH (click here to read entire text)

How could this be?
He had never known anyone like her; had never known anyone as graceful as she.
Her goodness and her abiding faith in the Father had taken his breath away.
But now this crushing weight leaves him gasping.
She has defended her purity; claims she is still a virgin, that God is his father.
And he believes her with all his heart.
But who is he to raise this child? Just a simple man, surely not fit for a task of such magnitude?
A million thoughts race through his head. Perhaps someone else is better suited.
He decides to leave her; he will divorce her quietly, to protect her from scandal and the harsh public punishment of the Law.

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