Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Whirling Vortex of Spam

I found it quite frustrating this morning as I was trying to exit a website invitation, and the darn thing would not let me go.

It had me. I was stuck meandering through endless screens that were like a tightening noose around my neck.

Each time I tried to exit out, it popped up with a new screen that required me to "skip" or "confirm" -- was exasperating!

Then, the email from a friend that no one wants to read -- "I got an invitation from you to join this website. Is this legit?"

The blood pressure started to rise -- I could feel my face turning purple!

Have you ever experienced this sensation? It's not pretty!

Then the sinking feeling -- had it accessed my address book? I thought I had skipped past that screen with all those people I didn't know in a desperate effort to be liberated!!!

Ultimately, I jumped on my Facebook account and let everyone know that the invitation was erroneously sent. I offered my apologies, and in humility, exposed the fact that, of no surprise to many perhaps, I am not a "techno-wizard" by any means.

I then proceeded back to that evil website with much trepidation, hoping not to get entangled in another snare, to find a way to unsubscribe -- seemingly, I had managed to subscribe this morning, too.

Finally, after the unsubscribe message was successfully sent -- at least that's what the screen told me -- I recognized an interesting parallel.

Isn't this exactly what sin does to us?

You enter into a situation, sometimes unaware of the peril that lay ahead. It seems innocent enough and you are curious. Then, you get sucked in, and possibly you bring others in with you. Then, you realize it is not where you want to be.

How do you get out? How do you prevent others from making the same mistake? Questions fly through your mind, sorrow for ever having been curious enough to peek into the window of sin starts to weigh on you. What do you do?

First, you recognize your error and confess your sin. (In the Catholic Church, we have the Sacrament of Penance that frees us from the wounds of sin through confession to a priest and absolution.) Then, you try to make it right -- (following the penance that is given in confession). And, finally, we remove ourselves from the situation -- (the near occasion of sin).

Outside the Sacrament, in our daily lives, these are useful tools to avoid every sin, mortal or venial. This is a way of thinking and behaving that helps us examine our conscience so that we can avoid ever entering into sin.

So, in a very frustrating and irritating little computer situation, I found the glory of God in his Sacraments. Hopefully, my friends will take pity on me and forgive the slip up caused by curiosity. I am bolster in the fact that I have taken all the right steps to correct my failing.

I firmly resolve not to enter into the whirling vortex of spam mail AGAIN!

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