Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Week, O Holy Week

The Garden of Gethsemane
Giorgio Vasari, c. 1570

Holy Week, O Holy Week;
Most Solemn week of the Liturgical Year.
The grace to follow on this journey;
Send us, Lord, tho we might fear.

Give us time for contemplation;
Bring us to Gethsemane.
Let us pray with You one hour;
Alert through grace make us to be.

And, Dear Lord, if we should scatter;
When Your accusers come to call.
Bring us gently back beside You;
Never let us wander far.

Help us as You suffer for us;
To humbly walk that Way with You.
As we fall and trip and stumble;
Make our hearts as one with You.

And, when Dear Jesus, they pierce you over;
Show us the mercy of those wounds.
Crying out to God, O Abba;
Forgive us, Lord, for what we do!

Trusting You in hope through faith;
With the Church we know is true.
Let us be Your holy people;
Give us the strength to die for You!

Holy Week, O Holy Week;
Solemn, Sacred,

Kathy Vestermark (c) 2010


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