Friday, February 19, 2010

small successes -- vol. 2


  1. We made the decision to have our son, Eddie, Confirmed, completing his Sacraments of Initiation in the Church -- to some this may seem like a "no brainer," to us it was a decision that made us weigh several opinions and factors in Church teaching. The Lord made it abundantly clear that we should proceed.

  2. The test results on Annie's MRI indicated a serious sinus infection that could be adding to her head pain. No other anomalies were present, praise God!

  3. I actually went to bed early one night this week after completing all that needed to be done for the next day!

  4. I was able to keep my Lenten promise every day this week, but for today -- however, the day is still young...could happen, right? God's will be done.

  5. Lyle and I will get to enjoy a date night tonight to help celebrate a dear friend's birthday -- a Feast Day on a Friday in Lent! -- Maybe I'll order something better than fish sticks to celebrate! Abstinence remains the word of obedience for the day!

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Darby said...

Bravissimo! Especially # 1 - I am totally excited for you and Eddie!

Mary said...

#1 - This is so freakin awesome!!! When will he be confirmed? What name will you/he chose? I am so excited for Eddie!!

#5 - have a fabulous time tonight!!

Kathy said...

His patron through all of this is Padre Pio, so he'll be confirmed as Pio. He smiled and laughed when I told Katie about the name. Eddie obviously agrees with the choice. We are hoping for the Feast of Pentecost.

Went to Clyde's at Tower Oaks Lodge...oh didn't seem much like a penitential meal tonight. But, it was in celebration of life, so...Awesome conversation and debate of things theological...I am inspired.