Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coffee and the Hand of God

This morning I found myself wishing for another 7 hrs of sleep, mostly because I had only gotten 5 hrs. I was exhausted, but knew that I had to get up and moving because I had the carpool drive. So, up I got, threw on some clothes that I really didn't think twice about, and made sure that everyone was ready to leave on time. Needless to say, I was a little lack luster about starting the day, and certainly wasn't treating it as a precious gift.

I dropped the kids at school and headed out from there to run an errand. When I arrived at the establishment, I was surprised to find it closed, so I decided to wait and say my Rosary. I sat peacefully in the parking lot and meditated on the luminous mysteries. As I finished the prayers, I realized that the establishment was still not open, even though it should have been by this time. I didn't have the luxury to sit there and hope that it would open, I had to get things accomplished. At the same time, I felt strongly that I should head back to Church to place my exhaustion and frustration at the foot of the Cross and ask for the grace to manage this day for His Glory. So, I decided to listen to that little voice and I drove back to Church and went to Mass.

During the Mass I remember thinking, I should compliment the lector. I love when you can tell that the lector truly appreciates the honor of reading God's Word. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to tell her before I left the Church. Nonetheless, it was a tremendous blessing to have gotten the spiritual food I needed to support my tired body and spirit today, making reference to the Mass, in general, and the Eucharist, in particular.

I was still tired, yet certainly in a better frame of mind, but I desperately needed a cup of coffee. I thought, ever the pragmatist, that I could kill two birds with one stone and take care of the original errand at a store in the same shopping center that houses a coffee shop. When I walked into the coffee shop, the lector was seated having a cup of coffee and reading the paper. I was so glad because now I could tell her how much I appreciated her service to the Church.

I greeted her, introduced myself and shared that compliment with her. She was gracious and offered that she truly felt called to share the Faith in that way. We went on to discover that we had much in common from the typical to the unusual. And, then she said, "I am currently enrolled in a seminar at Catholic Distance University. I am really considering entering their MA program." I was floored, having just completed the MA program there. I couldn't have been more excited, and felt as if the Lord had just given me a huge shot of spiritual B12. We talked for about 45 min. about our interest in growing in the Faith through formal study. I told her that I would pray for her decision, and that I would be honored to help her achieve her goal.

God provides every opportunity to build up His Kingdom. I recognized that clearly this morning. He didn't want me to go about my routine groggy and barely in His presence. He wanted something more from me. Thank you Blessed Mother for helping me to listen, or I would have let those grace-filled moments pass me by this morning. As it ended up, I did manage to finish the errands and was also able to get a haircut, make it home to have lunch, and change to attend the prayer service at my children's school honoring the clergy in this year of the priest.

The mood of the day turned around so quickly once I placed my trust in the Lord and His will for my day. It is so important to remember that the Hand of God is visible in your life if you look with the eyes of the soul and respond with the spirit of charity and obedience. Thank you, Lord for allowing me to be your tool today and providing all the time I needed to do your will!


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