Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let it Snow!

As the snow starts to fall again, I am marveling at how wonderful these past few days have been. Mostly, we have worked and played, and then worked and played some more. Creativity reached new heights out on the wildly enormous mounds of shoveled snow. We built an igloo with two entrances, while our neighbor down the street shoveled out an entire village with roads and domestic dwellings on his front yard. Another neighbor further down the street created a make-shift bobsled run with twists, turns and bumps. It was amazing to witness imaginations at work.

When the outdoor fun ended, we made our way inside for hot cocoa and, not a movie, not a video game, but coloring books and puzzles. That's not to say the an occasional show or game wasn't played, but it wasn't the first thing to which the kids gravitated. I was pleased that all that imagining outside had trickle inside with the children. They didn't seem to need to shut down in front of a device to unwind. I liked it.

I wrote a piece the other day after about the snow storm. It was inspired in part by this creativity I witnessed -- a moment when the whole of Northern Virginia seemed to take a collective deep breath, sigh and relax. No one needed to tune out, it seemed that everyone had suddenly tuned in. Neighbors were talking and helping each other, not waving and running off to the next activity. People appeared a little lighter hearted -- WHY? Could it be because there was no immediate need to go or do anything beside be families, neighbors and children of God?

It made me wonder if people recognized in this moment their connection to the Creator. Did they look up and appreciate the fact that He had allowed this moment just for them? Did they take a second to say thankYou for the time off from work; the exercise they were provided through incessantly shoveling snow; the day they spent quietly enjoying a good book by the fire; the snow forts and sledding runs that, on any other snow day, they would have missed because there were other more important things to do? It's so funny how a storm that stopped the nation's capital in it's tracks, managed to move families, individuals and neighborhoods in ways that can only be called wondrous.

So, bring on the snow --if it makes people love more, be friendlier and more helpful to one another, be more generous with time and energy, and feel more relaxed overall, I'll take another 3 feet. It's time to recognize that God wants us to reconnect with Him and with each other, especially when He brings our world's to a screeching halt. Let it snow!

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