Thursday, February 11, 2010

small successes -- vol. 1


1. I managed to finish a novel this week -- I don't typically read fiction!

2. I saved my kitchen from the dreaded ice-dam drip that threatened to take out a small ceiling -- with the help of my husband, of course.

3. I kept the kids happy and occupied through "snow lock down."

4. I received confirmation that my Catechetical Diploma project was accepted! Now both degree programs are officially completed!

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Mary said...

LOVE the not so small successes!! Great job my friend. can't wait to see what the next week brings you.

Patricia said...

So which book did you finish and will it lead to more fiction reading or are you finished with that as well "-)

Kathy said...

It was junior fiction by an author that Meg has read in school. It wasn't bad -- just 3 things in 200 pgs that I wished she hadn't included. But, I guess they are good talking points, as none of them were horribly offensive. Conclusion: It hasn't turned me off entirely to fiction -- we'll see how this all progresses.

PS...I thought you were going to make some suggestions and lend me some books! :o)